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Messages from our community

We are touched by the love and support shown by our pink bubble community. Thanks to everyone who has donated. View the Pink Bubble

  • Brans


    Donated $25
    Kia kaha Have courage be kind
  • Fran


    Donated $50
    Stay strong. Feel all that family love.
  • Sue


    Donated $40
    Thinking of you all, breast cancer sisters x
  • Josie


    So grateful for support.
  • Barbara


    We care. We support you.
  • Ange


    Donated $40
    Keep up the awesome work - Kia Kaha x
  • Carol

    Orewa Auckland,

    Donated $25
    A big HUG to everyone going through treatment at the moment and pray that you will all come through this together....blessings
  • Sue


    Donated $25
    Something I would normally donate to on the street so nice to be able to continue to do so.
  • Colleen


    Donated $15
    A little something for Pink Ribbon
  • Anonymous


    With much love from me to you
  • Catherine


    Donated $100
    Thinking of you all stay strong x
  • Pink Gumboots and Lippy


    We know that Covid-19 is affecting fundraising opportunities and have decided to make a fundraiser where we put on our frocks or wedding gowns, gumboots and lippy. Take a photo in our bubbles. Upload it to our Facebook or Instagram page and make a donation here.
  • Shirley


    Donated $25
    Thinking of you all patients nurses counselors and supporters at this difficult time. Keep safe.
  • Leanne


    Donated $25
    Heart felt love and strength.
  • Mem


    Donated $100
    In memory of my whanau lost to cancer. Making a difference now to those who are alive in this time.
  • Roger


    Donated $50
    To all you brave ladies out there, stick with it and you will come out the other end. My eldest daughter was diagnosed six years ago and went through all of the treatments. Her scans have all been clear for the last four years. Keep your chins up. Roger
  • Claire


    Donated $50
    Very happy to support the Breast Cancer Fundraiser this year, as the Breakfast event is unable to be held. Such an awesome organisation who do wonderful work for others.
  • Rae


    Donated $15
    Thanks so much for continuing your work through Covid-19.
  • Marie

    Mellons Bay

    Donated $40
    Love your work well done and thank you !!!
  • Jennifer

    Gulf Harbour

    Donated $40
    Well done. Your work is greatly appreciated.
  • Stephanie


    Donated $15
    The world is going through a difficult time. We try to live as normally as possible. My thoughts go out to everyone who lives with the impact of cancer. There is so much uncertainty in our lives, without the added strain of this virus restricting the contact with family and friends who give their strength to support you through the battle within. Keep your head up and show the world the brave will not give up. We are Kiwi We are Strong. We are one
  • Anonymous


    Thinking of you all during this time.
  • Rupal


    Donated $100
    Keep-safe! spread love!
  • Sarah


    Donated $25
    Thanks to those in the pink bubble.

Our community needs your help, now more than ever.

Patients and their families are worried about so many things; access to healthcare, changes to treatment and reduced immunity – on top of all the other concerns that come with a breast cancer diagnosis.

However, amongst the fear and uncertainty, the strength and courage of those in our virtual bubble is shining through. Patients are supporting each other on our online community, mybc, and accessing online counselling services. Our team of trained breast nurses are hard at work – reaching more patients than ever on our 0800 advice line, and supporting them through this challenging time. Physiotherapists are adapting to providing their services on video calls.

We need your help to keep these services running and make our pink bubble even stronger. By making a donation, you'll join a community of caring Kiwis who are showing that while we may be stuck in our own bubbles, we can still support others in theirs.